Below is CHAPTER 7 OF the lost book of King Og. It took myself and my intern team of 7 Catholic scholars to determine that Og was indeed addressing Moses in this passage. Once the determination had been confirmed by a blessing and admonishment to continue from our superiors, the translation process unfolded in that direction. See above introduction for information on potential liberties taken for broader translations of text.

Fr. Martin

Spring, 2016 – Santa Barbara, California


¹Did you think, O [corrupt worm] of [Israel], that I did not stand above [. . . the great wa[ter..] in the [mountains]? ²You who have never touched the sky or stood [tall] over anyone. My meditation [my dreams] are your [loose-boweled][death]. Baal of the earth will guide me like he did with Nimrod [the mangled loined] Nephilim, worm. Behold, I am Og, the largest man in the land. What can you possibly do to me? Are you [prepared to die]?

³I have watched you[. . .] crawl into the [light] as a corrupt [fecal worm]. I have watched your mother Egypt [. . .] eat your young. ⁴I watch now and  I [ponder] is this why you now war with me, O [worm] of Israel? [You have sl]ain my neighbor in Sihon. Baal will avenge [. . .] and [. . .empower me. . .] to sever the corrupt [worm] with force. ⁵[ . . .your false god. . .your weak [little] men. . .] I Og will spit upon your warriors who trail like ants [. . .beneath. . .][feces]. I Og will [wipe] the spittle from my beard. I Og will arise when ready. […] and with [the strength in] but one arm I Og will [break] all the [horn] of [Israel].

⁶Are the tales of my [exploits] not [traveling] to your itching ears O corrupt [fecal worm] of [Israel]? Of my power? [. . .of how I Og did battle. . .] against the [unspeakable] scaled [monsters] in the renowned fields alongside my [Nephilim and Rephaim] parentage? [. . .how we moulded to murder. . .] How we turned our wrath [. . .mercy. . .a foreigner. . .] where the old world [monsters] stood. Stupid, [fecal worm]. Stupid corrupt [fecal worm]. Your ox-like stupidity tires me to [sleep].

⁷O bitter, [blackened] corrupt [fecal worm]. Did not my [royal] smaller self [sorceresses] of Baal of the earth dance and prophesy of your arrival? Have we in Bashan not dreamed nightly of your [murder]? My soothsayers tell of our [. . .victory. . .worship. . .sacrifices. . .]. My priestesses speak of [sorcery.and perversion] for Baal has spoken [. . .] of when I Og will [tear] the virgin [child skull] of the corrupt [fecal worm] Moses from his soft dung-filled body and [. . .] hold it over Bashan as [a blood sign] to Baal of the earth. Your barren women will sing praises to Og. My dreams need no interpretation.

⁸How will I, Og [murder] [. . .] corrupt one? I murder you [. . .] [as [a] dog. . .torn by a bull at the slaughter]. Should I lift [an entire  [. . . ] mountain [of earth] over my head [. . . ]?  Is not Baal [the god] of this fertile [earth] that I Og live in? The kingdom [. . .] supreme Baal has thousands of [. . .] answers to [. . .the pathetic] [excreta-smeared] [insect-sized] god [. . .] [Israel]. Come here, that I Og might b[ind you with] bracelets and cords [empowered by] Baal of the earth outside of our temple in the high place.

⁹[. . .How many . .] castaways have you killed, since your [insect-sized] god told you not to kill? You were commanded you [fecal-minded] hypocrite. [. . .the spirits of the sl[ain] complain about you and cry out. [. . .] Moses, you [blood drunk feaster] upon feces. Like a cowardly virgin smaller self [child] with gift toys before the sacrifice [you run] from the [skirts] of your mother Egypt to me, that we may do [battle]? I, Og will grind your [bones] to their [dung-marrow]. I, Og will pluck your eyes from your face and toss them to the  [blood pit]. I will [eat] both of your [arms] to the stump. [. . .great fear] shall seize you and you shall fall upon your [blood / vomit?-stained] face broken and contrite before Og.

¹⁰My smaller self [priestesses] my smaller self [sorceresses] of Baal of the earth shall dance and witness [. . .the. . ] slaughter of the corrupt [fecal worm] of  [Israel]. [And they will] disrobe and paint their supple [flesh] with [Moses’ blood] and [. . entrails. . .] before Baal of the earth. When we celebrate on high and Ogias will carry the severed stupid virgin [child skull] on high [over the roads. . .]. There will be screams of praise to Og. To Baal of the sun. There will be roast [flesh served. . .] To Baal of the earth. To Baal of the stars and celestial bodies. Even to Mot. To Og. [. . .cheers] as Moses’ virgin head is [held high] through the [. . .] roads of Bashan. Because you want it so, I will anoint my head and beard with oil before I go to make war, with you, [insect-worshiping] [excreta-mouth] virgin [child] you will  be [defeated].

¹¹Corrupt [little worm] smaller self Moses. My spies have told I, Og of [. . .your. . .] smaller self army, and their [. . .worship. . .] for any god but yours [ and. . .your murder(ous). . .] solutions. Of your time in Egypt. Of your [. . .commandments. . . of laws] of your violence and madness all in the name of your [fecal][insect-sized] god. Is not your hypocrisy shining as a beacon before you? You who should not kill because of your god’s commandment, are the most murder(ous) of all.

¹²Corrupt [fecal worm] smaller self Moses. My spies [told of] the bronze snake [. . .] to look upon when poisoned. [. . .] you would kill your own, for not worshiping your senseless corrupt [insect-sized] god who kills yet [commands] that you should not.

¹³Murderous smaller self [Israel] now at the foot of my kingdom. I will gird my complete loins to destroy you and all of your flesh wherein is the breath of life from under the stars and everything of yours that has life shall die [. . .]. As the last of the [Rephaim], leader in The Hundred Thousand Giant War and the survivor of the great wa[ters] I will kill you with the sword and your wives shall be widows and your children shall be fatherless. You will be slaughtered and burned for Baal of the earth. Baal of the sun will bring down the flames.

¹⁴[. . .] after killing the [. . .King Arid. . .] then the King of Shihon and your beard was [drenched in] their wives and children’s blood? [. . .] You would gird your loins against the last of the [Rephraim]? Gird them well. It is time to stand against a true priest of Baal. Upon your firstborn, I will feed. I will kill your [root] and slay your [remnant]. My hands are ready for warfare.

¹⁵In my late age, the stray dogs of Bashan will feast on the flesh of Israel and the [yellowing entrails] of Moses on the roads and in the paths. Baal of the earth wills it so.

¹⁶My spies [. . .say. . .] that when you killed the King of  Shihon, you killed the women and children, keeping the spoils.¹⁷Your corrupt [fecal] god has driven you mad. [. . .murder. . .slaughter. . .destruction] at the [. . .] hands of [Israel]. Of war madness [. . .drunk with. . .] the blood and spoils [. . .] enemies learned. ¹⁸Life is still lost even when the battle is won, [worm].

¹⁹I will release the [floating] wild beast [gonteekwa] to you O corrupt [fecal worm Israel. . .] learn to suffer its ways of connection [from] before [your time].²⁰Before your [flood] before [your Nimrod] we were there. From the time of monsters. From the time of the [bright ones].²¹ My brethren [. . .in the fields] their livestock and the greater [beasts] of old.²²Creeping, cloven hoofed [monsters] that ruled [in the] [. . .] the giants those men of old with powerful [dark ones].²³Connected in heart and mind, and unstoppable before the [gods][. . .] one mind and of one heart they ruled. These men of old and their beasts [driven] [before] [them]²⁴Beasts that controlled the men as the men controlled the beasts. O stupid corrupt [fecal worm] Moses, learn to fear the heart of an animal and the mind of a giant.²⁵ It [is time] for you to share your [being] with [something] greater.

²⁶[I want no] victory [spoils] [just your. . .] stupid head.

²⁷[. . .] train for [. . .] [strange] weapons.

²⁸Make war [. . .] little man. Make war [. . . ] corrupt little worm. For Baal of the earth I’ll spread [. . .]the blood [. . .]virgin body.

²⁹ I Og have been training each arm as one trains their oxen. My [old-world] back and legs are ready. My life [. . .] is to [. . .] [fecal worm]. I will tear your backbone [. . .]  [your backside. . .]

³⁰ For Baal of the earth I Og will pull the [fecal-bearded] smaller self [child skull] of Moses from your [dung-filled] body. I Og the last of the [Rephaim] [. . .]how long Moses has to live [I have not summoned such anger] since the Hundred Thousand Giant War.