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It is being worked on in real-time, and all of the links below are active. If one is doing research on King Og of Bashan, they will find a wealth of information below.
  • King Og Himself

Wikipedia is a great place to start for reliable links concerning King Og of Bashan. ( ). This page contains the simplest yet most concise explanation of King Og of Bashan.                              Og

  • How tall Was King Og Of Bashan?
A musing and working towards the actual height of King Og of Bashan by  ( )
Bible Hub ( breaks down multiple biblical translations of Deuteronomy 3:11 in regards to King Og of Bashan.
Another page featuring Deuteronomy 3:11 which reflects upon King Og of Bashan from ( ).
Another page with just the biblical text concerning King Og of Bashan by   ( ).
  • Deuteronomy Chapter 3: Og the King of Bashan the Giant, Possessing the Land, Moses Cannot Enter the Land.
  • Numbers 21 On the Way to Canaan
A bible study on Israel’s wending road to King Og of Bashan by
  • Sihon and Og King of Amorites
A quick bible study on King Og of Bashan by ( ).
  • Answers in Genesis ( has an informative article that mentions King Og of Bashan called GIANTS IN THE OLD TESTAMENT.
  • tells the tale of King Og of Bashan versus Moses. The article is called THE GIANT OG- A THOUGHT FOR THE DAY.
  • King Og of Bashan in a Demon Encyclopedia.
  • Another presentation of scripture regarding King Og of Bashan
  • King Og from the Jewish Encyclopedia
  • Basic answer to “Who was King Og of Bahsan?
  • OG
A jewish telling of the story of King Og of Bashan from ( ).
An extensive breakdown of King Og of Bashan or Ogias the Giant by
One of the sparsest pages of King Og of Bashan on the Internet, by
  • The Giants Og, Sihon and Goliath of Gath are gone Forever
An interesting blog from ( )
  • The Giant King Og Speaks! 
A reference to this very LOST BOOK OF KING OG website by
( ). Their version of Chapter 7 is an older translation.
  • Gilgal Rephaim, Circle of Og King of Bashan
Interesting read tying modern findings to King Og of Bashan by an author on the subject.
Another interesting quick read by the above author on King Og.
  • has a comprehensive multi-biblical-version/study notes aggregator that is really extensive. For example, here are two pages for King Og of Bashan:

  • The Jewish Encyclopedia has both Biblical data and Rabbinical Literature concerning King Og of Bashan.
  • The Winding Way of Og King of Bashan in the Jewish Haggadic Tradition
A gateway page to a well-documented explanation of King Og of Bashan by the ( )
  • The Defeat of King Og of Bashan                                                                  

The Biblical text of the showdown against King Og of Bashan from              ( ).                                 

  • A well documented breakdown of biblical and historical texts regarding King Og of Bashan.
  • Stories of the Nephilim and Rephaim King Og. The Patriarchs. Gilgal Rephaim. From ( ).
  • Arguments on whether King Og survived the flood or not.
Og, King of Bashan by ( ).
  • A surprisingly light explanation of King Og of Bashan from the Institute of Creation Research ( ).
  • The Giant of the Flood.
The tale of how King Og survived the flood as told by ( ).
  • The Bed of Og
A focusing on the size of the bed of King og of Bashan (.pdf)
A very short explanation of the bed of King Og of Bashan from
An extensive piece on the size of King Og’s bed from
An article that can be downloaded fully in its PDF from
According to this site ( ) the bed can still be viewed
A short read zeroing in on the size of Og’s bed from
Another limited look at the size of King Og’s bed.
  • Midrash on Noah and Og
A Jewish telling of how Og survived the flood from ( ).
  • Middle East Giants
An explanation of the overthrowing of King Og of Bashan.
  • The Israelites Defeat King Sihon and King Og
A very limited page speaking on the defeat of King Og.
  • The Slaying of Sihon King of the Amorites and King Og of Bashan
From Watchman Nee and Witness Lee ( ).
  • The Giant Og
A biblical/ torah based explanation of King Og of Bashan.
  • On the Strange Myth of King Og, the Last Giant
Myth-buster Jason Calovito speaks on King Og of Bashan.
  • King Og, King Sihon and Biblical Synecdoches
A rather light explanation of how certain battles overshadow others from   ( ).
  • Remember Sihon and Og
A short explanation of these battles from ( ).
  • Bible Verses about King Og of Bashan (and some commentary)
Light review of King Og of Bashan from a biblical perspective by
  • The Lost Book Of King Og
A direct lift from this website, with an older version of Chapter 7 of The Lost Book of King Og from ( )
  • The Lost Book of the Giant King Og Found!
A very light, link-based posting referencing this website and The Lost book of King Og from ( ).
  • Biblical Information of Giants (8,850 BC to 1,300 BC)
Extensive research on giants where King Og of Bashan is mentioned by
  • How Moses Conquered Sihon and King Og
A very limited explanation of the battle against Sihon and King Og of Bashan by ( ).
  • This Time . . . I Blog on Og
An informative blog on King Og of Bashan by ( ).
  • Valley of the Giants
A questionable, yet interesting take on the giants, including King Og of Bashan by ( ).
  • The Giants
A very quick read featuring King Og of Bashan from ( ).
  • The Lost World of Giants
A piece of reference material by ( ).
  • Giant Humans in the Historical Records
A solid amassing of a lot of information on giants by
  • Biblical Archeology and Finds of the Past
An interesting link hub with valid and invalid points of interest from
  • Post Flood Giants
A mixture of biblical and non-biblical mythology, tying genetics to the book of Revelation by ( ).
  • Who Are the Nephilim?
A very cursory explanation of giants such as King Og of Bashan by
  • The Fierce Amorites and the First king of the Babylonian Empire.
An interesting read that brushes up on ancient antiquity from
  • Steve Quayle Endorses the Lost Book Of King Og
The link to Steve Quayle speaking on Jim Bakker’s webshow is below:
  • Tom Horn Steve Quayle Biblical Giants
Scroll the bar at the top of the screen across to 1 hour and 22 minutes. From this point on, you will hear born-again Christian
Steve Quayle speaking on THE LOST BOOK OF KING OG.
  • The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints

Old Testament Teacher Resource Manual for teaching on King Og.

  • Jehovah’s Witnesses

Explanation of the Giants/Nephilim/Rephaim in a children’s book.

Explanation of the origin of the Giants in a re-telling of the flood in a children’s book.

  • Barzilai – en – Dan (Un Barzilai izvorat din Dan)

The Nephilim Giants According to the Bible


The Megalithic Giants The Lost History Of A Forgotten Race (King Og is mentioned)

King Og Of Bashan Youtube Playlist

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Father Martin’s THE LOST BOOK OF KING OG study guide

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Soon this will be ground zero for all online links to anything concerning KING OG of BASHAN.
FATHER MARTIN’S LOST BOOK OF KING OG  FACEBOOK PAGE– Father Martin is currently on sabbatical, but DEMMON updates it periodically with emails from Father Martin regarding his studies.
Currently, Father Martin, Father Cliff, and Father Sergeant are bringing their occult knowledge forward in teaching fashion at invite-only sermons at the END TIME MINISTRIES CHURCH.
Please also visit The Nephilim Werewolf, if you would like to know more about Father Martin and his studies. His LOSS OF FAITH essay is a great place to start.

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