¹Did you think, O [corrupt worm] of [Israel], that I did not stand above [. . . the great wa[ter..] in the [mountains]? ²You who have never touched the sky or stood [tall] over anyone. My meditation [my dreams] are your [loose-boweled][death]. Baal of the earth will guide me like he did with Nimrod [the mangled loined] Nephilim, worm. Behold, I am Og, the largest man in the land. What can you possibly do to me? Are you [prepared to die]?

³I have watched you[. . .] crawl into the [light] as a corrupt [fecal worm]. I have watched your mother Egypt [. . .] eat your young. ⁴I watch now and  I [ponder] is this why you now war with me, O [worm] of Israel? [You have sl]ain my neighbor in Sihon. Baal will avenge [. . .] and [. . .empower me. . .] to sever the corrupt [worm] with force. ⁵[ . . .your false god. . .your weak [little] men. . .] I Og will spit upon your warriors who trail like ants [. . .beneath. . .][feces]. I Og will [wipe] the spittle from my beard. I Og will arise when ready. […] and with [the strength in] but one arm I Og will [break] all the [horn] of [Israel].

⁶Are the tales of my [exploits] not [traveling] to your itching ears O corrupt [fecal worm] of [Israel]? Of my power? [. . .of how I Og did battle. . .] against the [unspeakable] scaled [monsters] in the renowned fields alongside my [Nephilim and Rephaim] parentage? [. . .how we moulded to murder. . .] How we turned our wrath [. . .mercy. . .a foreigner. . .] where the old world [monsters] stood. Stupid, [fecal worm]. Stupid corrupt [fecal worm]. Your ox-like stupidity tires me to [sleep].

⁷O bitter, [blackened] corrupt [fecal worm]. Did not my [royal] smaller self [sorceresses] of Baal of the earth dance and prophesy of your arrival? Have we in Bashan not dreamed nightly of your [murder]? My soothsayers tell of our [. . .victory. . .worship. . .sacrifices. . .]. My priestesses speak of [sorcery.and perversion] for Baal has spoken [. . .] of when I Og will [tear] the virgin [child skull] of the corrupt [fecal worm] Moses from his soft dung-filled body and [. . .] hold it over Bashan as [a blood sign] to Baal of the earth. Your barren women will sing praises to Og. My dreams need no interpretation.

⁸How will I, Og [murder] [. . .] corrupt one? I murder you [. . .] [as [a] dog. . .torn by a bull at the slaughter]. Should I lift [an entire  [. . . ] mountain [of earth] over my head [. . . ]?  Is not Baal [the god] of this fertile [earth] that I Og live in? The kingdom [. . .] supreme Baal has thousands of [. . .] answers to [. . .the pathetic] [excreta-smeared] [insect-sized] god [. . .] [Israel]. Come here, that I Og might b[ind you with] bracelets and cords [empowered by] Baal of the earth outside of our temple in the high place.

⁹[. . .How many . .] castaways have you killed, since your [insect-sized] god told you not to kill? You were commanded you [fecal-minded] hypocrite. [. . .the spirits of the sl[ain] complain about you and cry out. [. . .] Moses, you [blood drunk feaster] upon feces. Like a cowardly virgin smaller self [child] with gift toys before the sacrifice [you run] from the [skirts] of your mother Egypt to me, that we may do [battle]? I, Og will grind your [bones] to their [dung-marrow]. I, Og will pluck your eyes from your face and toss them to the  [blood pit]. I will [eat] both of your [arms] to the stump. [. . .great fear] shall seize you and you shall fall upon your [blood / vomit?-stained] face broken and contrite before Og.

¹⁰My smaller self [priestesses] my smaller self [sorceresses] of Baal of the earth shall dance and witness [. . .the. . ] slaughter of the corrupt [fecal worm] of  [Israel]. [And they will] disrobe and paint their supple [flesh] with [Moses’ blood] and [. . entrails. . .] before Baal of the earth. When we celebrate on high and Ogias will carry the severed stupid virgin [child skull] on high [over the roads. . .]. There will be screams of praise to Og. To Baal of the sun. There will be roast [flesh served. . .] To Baal of the earth. To Baal of the stars and celestial bodies. Even to Mot. To Og. [. . .cheers] as Moses’ virgin head is [held high] through the [. . .] roads of Bashan. Because you want it so, I will anoint my head and beard with oil before I go to make war, with you, [insect-worshiping] [excreta-mouth] virgin [child] you will  be [defeated].

¹¹Corrupt [little worm] smaller self Moses. My spies have told I, Og of [. . .your. . .] smaller self army, and their [. . .worship. . .] for any god but yours [ and. . .your murder(ous). . .] solutions. Of your time in Egypt. Of your [. . .commandments. . . of laws] of your violence and madness all in the name of your [fecal][insect-sized] god. Is not your hypocrisy shining as a beacon before you? You who should not kill because of your god’s commandment, are the most murder(ous) of all.

¹²Corrupt [fecal worm] smaller self Moses. My spies [told of] the bronze snake [. . .] to look upon when poisoned. [. . .] you would kill your own, for not worshiping your senseless corrupt [insect-sized] god who kills yet [commands] that you should not.

¹³Murderous smaller self [Israel] now at the foot of my kingdom. I will gird my complete loins to destroy you and all of your flesh wherein is the breath of life from under the stars and everything of yours that has life shall die [. . .]. As the last of the [Rephaim], leader in The Hundred Thousand Giant War and the survivor of the great wa[ters] I will kill you with the sword and your wives shall be widows and your children shall be fatherless. You will be slaughtered and burned for Baal of the earth. Baal of the sun will bring down the flames.

¹⁴[. . .] after killing the [. . .King Arid. . .] then the King of Shihon and your beard was [drenched in] their wives and children’s blood? [. . .] You would gird your loins against the last of the [Rephraim]? Gird them well. It is time to stand against a true priest of Baal. Upon your firstborn, I will feed. I will kill your [root] and slay your [remnant]. My hands are ready for warfare.

¹⁵In my late age, the stray dogs of Bashan will feast on the flesh of Israel and the [yellowing entrails] of Moses on the roads and in the paths. Baal of the earth wills it so.

¹⁶My spies [. . .say. . .] that when you killed the King of  Shihon, you killed the women and children, keeping the spoils.¹⁷Your corrupt [fecal] god has driven you mad. [. . .murder. . .slaughter. . .destruction] at the [. . .] hands of [Israel]. Of war madness [. . .drunk with. . .] the blood and spoils [. . .] enemies learned. ¹⁸Life is still lost even when the battle is won, [worm].

¹⁹I will release the [floating] wild beast [gonteekwa] to you O corrupt [fecal worm Israel. . .] learn to suffer its ways of connection [from] before [your time].²⁰Before your [flood] before [your Nimrod] we were there. From the time of monsters. From the time of the [bright ones].²¹ My brethren [. . .in the fields] their livestock and the greater [beasts] of old.²²Creeping, cloven hoofed [monsters] that ruled [in the] [. . .] the giants those men of old with powerful [dark ones].²³Connected in heart and mind, and unstoppable before the [gods][. . .] one mind and of one heart they ruled. These men of old and their beasts [driven] [before] [them]²⁴Beasts that controlled the men as the men controlled the beasts. O stupid corrupt [fecal worm] Moses, learn to fear the heart of an animal and the mind of a giant.²⁵ It [is time] for you to share your [being] with [something] greater.

²⁶[I want no] victory [spoils] [just your. . .] stupid head.

²⁷[. . .] train for [. . .] [strange] weapons.

²⁸Make war [. . .] little man. Make war [. . . ] corrupt little worm. For Baal of the earth I’ll spread [. . .]the blood [. . .]virgin body.

²⁹ I Og have been training each arm as one trains their oxen. My [old-world] back and legs are ready. My life [. . .] is to [. . .] [fecal worm]. I will tear your backbone [. . .]  [your backside. . .]

³⁰ For Baal of the earth I Og will pull the [fecal-bearded] smaller self [child skull] of Moses from your [dung-filled] body. I Og the last of the [Rephaim] [. . .]how long Moses has to live [I have not summoned such anger] since the Hundred Thousand Giant War.


Hear The Watchmen in Dallas 2017


In our donating this page of the valuable LOST BOOK OF KING OG website to list the speakers of HEAR THE WATCHMEN 2017 we are officially sponsoring the event.

These are the speakers at the HEAR THE WATCHMEN 2017 gathering in DALLAS TEXAS March 31st -April 2nd 2017.

Derek and Sharon Gilbert co-host SciFriday, a weekly video program from SkyWatchTV analyzing science news through a biblical lens.  Derek also hosts SkyWatchTV, which airs weekly on several national Christian television networks, and Sharon hosts SkyWatch Women, which will debut on national networks in 2017.

 In 2005, they launched P.I.D. Radio, one of the first podcasts on the web.  Sharon is the author of several novels, including Winds of Evil and The Armageddon Strain.  She will launch a series of Christian supernatural thrillers, The Redwing Saga, in 2017 with the new novel Blood Lies.  Derek’s first non-fiction book, The Great Inception, an analysis of the supernatural war between Yahweh and the “old gods” and its influence on human history, will be released in spring of 2017.


Pastor Paul Begley is excited about salvation. His gifting lies in evangelizing and bible prophecy. By the grace of God, thousands have come to Jesus Christ through this ministry.

Pastor Paul is a fourth generational preacher, following after his father, grandmother and great grandfather who was blessed to be a part of the Azusa Street Revivals.

Pastor Paul was ordained by Dr. Lester Sumrall in the LeSEA organization of South Bend Indiana and studied at Indiana Christian University as well as under Pastor Charles Begley at the Community Gospel Baptist Church in Knox, IN.

Pastor Paul hosts a weekly telecast of the “Coming Apocalypse” with Lesea Broadcasting Network on World Harvest Television on Direct TV channel 367 every Friday night from 11:30pm – 12 midnight EST and broadcasts locally in Indianapolis, Indiana on WHMB channel 40. This reaches over 40 million homes throughout North and South America.


L. A. Marzulli is an author, lecturer and film maker. He has penned ten books including The Nephilim Trilogy which made the CBA best sellers list.

He received an honorary doctorate for the series from his mentor Dr. I. D. E. Thomas, who was the Provost at Pacific International University.

His series On the Trail of the Nephilim is a full-color, over-sized book, which uncovers startling evidence that there has been a massive cover up of what he believes are the remains of the Nephilim, the giants mentioned in the Bible. L. A. is On the Trail.  L. A. Marzulli teamed up with film producer Richard Shaw to create The Watchers series.  There are now TEN installments in the series and Watchers 7: UFO Physical Evidence, won UFO Best Film and the Peoples Choice Awards, at the UFO Congress in 2014!


Russ Dizdar, started out in the AOG Church, was licensed to and then Ordained to the ministry October 1978 reformation Sunday at Green Baptist Church by the SBC. He has served as Sr. Pastor of 4 churches over a 30 year period. He was also Ex. Director of Greater Akron Youth For Christ, a Police Chaplain UNIT 78 UAPD. He is (1982) Founder and now directs Shatter the Darkness and The Ragged Edge Radio Broadcast (2008). He has preached in Churches and conferences across the USA, held training seminars for thousands and loves to do crusade evangelism. He has launched web sites and broadcasts messages with live daily radio that has been heard and downloaded in over 170 countries. The internet sites with the free teaching/seminar audio MP3 courses have been downloaded over 30 million times (MP3s). SITES


Mike Boldea was born in a small northern Romanian Village.   At the age of nine, his entire family was deported from Romania for smuggling Bibles.  His grandfather, Dumitru Duduman started an outreach ministry called “Hand of Help” of which Mike is now Chairman.

Mike has traveled internationally with Dumitru for over 11 years acting as Dumitru’s translator.  They shared their testimonies, as well as an important message God gave Dumitru for the United States.

Recently Mike has translated the book entitled “Life In Christ” which Dumitru had penned prior to his death.  The testimonies of those that were persecuted for their faith must live on to build up the body of Christ.  Mike continues to operate in his gift as an Evangelist to exhort the body of Christ to present itself with a garment clean before our Lord.


Josh Tolley is the next generation most powerful voice in media.  He is the only person who blends all of life into his messages and one of only a few who are more than just a talking head. Josh’s ability to impact his listeners has not only helped hundreds if not thousands of people but has also saved marriages and lives.  In a world where everyone seems to be all talk, Josh is bringing action.  It is no secret that his goal is to reignite the flames of liberty, freedom and purpose and he is knocking down all objectors with his unmatched use of reason and logic. Being heralded as “Tony Robbins meets Ronald Reagan”, Josh Tolley is not only what this country needs, he is what they are asking for. RadioIn the beginning…there was Josh Tolley. No, Josh is not an egomaniac. He’s just deeply movitated to uncover the ORIGINS of the problems in our society. Thus, his incisive – and totally surprising– views on everything  from politics, to the American family, to business.


Chancellor and Senior Professor of Theology/Ministry and Senior Professor of Biblical Life Education

 A.A. – United Theological Seminary | Th.B. – Christian Bible College | Th.M. – Christian Bible Seminary | M.A. – Faith Theological Seminary | Th.D. – North American School of Theology | D.R.E. – New Covenant International Bible College | D.Psy. – Faith Theological Seminary

 Dr. Lake is the founder of BLCS and serves as an Educational Consultant for various Christian organizations around the world.  He is ordained with the Restoration Fellowship International and serves on the RFI’s International Board of Directors.   Dr. Lake is listed in the U.S. Registry’s “Who’s Who Among Outstanding Americans”, Sterling’s “Who’s Who Executive Edition” and the “Who’s Who among American Teachers” for his accomplishments in ministry and with BLCS.


Pastor Billy Crone is the Senior Pastor of Sunrise Baptist Church in Las Vegas, NV. He is married to his lovely wife Brandie and they have two wonderful children, Rebecca and Billy. Pastor Billy is also a gifted author, counselor, conference speaker and teacher, and a frequent guest on radio talk shows, television programs and a frequent speaker at Bible prophecy conferences.

 He speaks to thousands of people across the United States as well as an international community of over 190 countries. He has appeared in the Christian movie “Standing Firm” and is currently creating a documentary series “The Road to Eternity”.


Dave Daubenmire, a veteran 35 year high school football coach, was spurred to action when attacked and eventually sued by the ACLU in the late 1990’s for mixing prayer with his coaching. After a two year battle for his 1st amendment rights and a determination to not back down, the ACLU relented and offered coach an out of court settlement.

As a result of the experience, Coach heard the call to move out of coaching a high school team, to the job of coaching God’s team. PASS THE SALT was formed to encourage the Body of Christ to step into the cultural war. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood…” PASS THE SALT is convinced that God has given the Body a window of opportunity to take our culture back.

Dave Daubenmire, a veteran 35 year high school football coach, was spurred to action when attacked and eventually sued by the ACLU in the late 1990’s for mixing prayer with his coaching. After a two year battle for his 1st amendment rights and a determination to not back down, the ACLU relented and offered coach an out of court settlement.

As a result of the experience, Coach heard the call to move out of coaching a high school team, to the job of coaching God’s team. PASS THE SALT was formed to encourage the Body of Christ to step into the cultural war. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood…” PASS THE SALT is convinced that God has given the Body a window of opportunity to take our culture back.


Lisa Haven is an independent Christian news analyst and one of the top contributors on She is also author of and runs her own youtube channel. (Lisa Haven) with tens-of-thousands of views per day.

 Digging deep and finding truth is what she lives for. Her passion is to spread truth no matter where it lies. She covers everything from martial law, to FEMA camps, to end time bible prophecy, to government documents and much more!

Mike Spaulding was ordained to the ministry in 1998.  Since then he has planted two Calvary Chapel churches – Calvary Christian Fellowship, St. Marys, Ohio, in 1998, and Calvary Chapel of Lima, Ohio, in 2005, where he currently serves as pastor.


Mike holds a B.A. in Organizational Management, a Masters Degree in Theological Studies, and a Ph.D. in apologetics.  He is the author of numerous articles including, “Leadership and Organizational Vision,”  “Servant Leadership,” “The Ministry of Teaching,” “A Brief Look At Romans 13,” and “How and Why Should We Study the Bible.”  He is a contributing author to the soon to be released, The Baker Dictionary of Cults, H. Wayne House, General Editor.  Mike has written for several apologetics ministries including Got Questions? ( and the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry ( and maintains his own podcast platforms – The Transforming Word ( Soaring Eagle Radio ( and his blog, Dr. Mike Spaulding (

Caspar McCloud is a virtuoso guitarist, singer, and songwriter, an acclaimed portrait artist, as well as an equestrian, ordained minister, and bestselling author of  five previous books. A modern day Renaissance man, the multi-talented McCloud has wowed fans and fellow guitarists with his lightening fast technique, his use of effects, a la his friend and mentor Phil Keaggy, as well as his gentle, serene, celtic tinged acoustic playing.
Caspar signed to Atlantic Records after leaving his home in England for New York City and was touted as the “next Jimi Hendrix” by the legendary Ahmet Ertegun, CEO and Founder of Atlantic Records. Befriended by Phil Keaggy, seven years of patient witnessing culminated in Caspar giving his heart to Christ on an airplane in the midst of a personal crisis. Ever since Caspar has yielded his considerable talents to God. He has recorded over ten projects since his first now rare UK release “Messin’ Round”, which is an in-demand collector’s item.


The Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center and Hotel, the Host Hotel of the 2017 Hear the Watchmen Dallas Conference. Group Rate Discount is available CLICK or call 1-800-984-1344 mention Hear the Watchmen Group Rate Code 4RW to get 99.00 rate.  IMPORTANT NOTICE THE HOTEL IS COMPLETELY SOLD OUT ON THURSDAY EVENING.  ROOMS STILL AVAILABLE FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY.  THERE IS A HYATT ACROSS THE STREET AND A SUPER 8 WITH A SHUTTLE TO THE HOTEL AVAILABLE ON THURSDAY EVENING.  EMAIL FOR DETAILS.  IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS FINDING A ROOM TRY THE SUPER 8 DALLAS DFW

Super 8 Hotel – Grapevine, TX – Call 817-329-7222

$85 (plus tax) ask for “Hear the Watchmen


  • Delicious complimentary “Super Start”  breakfast

  • Free wireless internet access

  • Free shuttle service to DFW Airport, Hilton DFW Lakes, & within 5 miles of Hotel

  • Several restaurants within walking distance

At Hear the Watchmen we endeavor to help as may of our Countries Veterans in need attend our Conferences, fellowship, bond and receive the Bless of Christ as we possibly can.  Help us bring them to the Dallas Conference to be Baptized and impact their lives far beyond the Conference in so many ways.  It’s simply the Christian thing to do. Join us by becoming a part of Mission Christian.

Simply click purchase ticket then choose the donate option on the drop down menu.  You can also mail donations to Hear the Watchmen Ministries 516 Main St. #315 Salmon ID 83467

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Hear the Watchmen at the Dallas, Texas Conference, March 31-April 2, 2017. If you are a Christian-Owned Business or Individual that has a product or service which will bless the remnant body, or are simply blessed financially and you want to serve the Lord, we truly appreciate your support!  We expect 1000 like-minded, liberty-loving, Bible-believing Christians in attendance, and we seek companies and individuals who share these same values, to support and/or benefit by promoting their product or service. To apply as a Sponsor PLEASE contact Jeannie at 949.702.7191 or

Dallas NEW Event Sponsorship Opportunities: (As of 12-1-2016)

  • Session Sponsor (Only 15 available) $1000 (SOLD 2)

  • Beverage Break Sponsor (3 available) $2000 (SOLD 1)

  • Continental Breakfast or Refreshment Break Sponsor (2 Available) $3000

  • Badge Lanyard with your Logo imprinted $1500

  • Pocket Program Sponsor with your Logo $ 1500

  • Custom Water Bottle Sponsor (SOLD)

  • Title Sponsor/Speaker/Awards Lunch Sponsor $10,000

  • Virtual Conference Sponsor $3000 and up

  • AV /Tech Sponsor $23,000

  • Title Sponsor/Presenting Sponsor $30,000+

  • Custom Sponsorship: Have an idea?  Call Jeannie@ 949.702.7191

The above mentioned Sponsors receive:

2 Event Tickets, 1 (6 foot) Table Top Exhibit, Recognition by the MC during event,

Sponsor Event Signage and Program Recognition, Logo or Name displayed on Video Screen before the events, Opportunity to put an item in the goodie bag, Logo and link posted on HTW website, Eblast to attendees featuring your company, Electronic coupon code for ticket discounts for customers, friends & family.

We have a limited number of Exhibitor Tables available for $500

Suggested Company Types/Organization Categories we are seeking for Sponsorship include: *

Media Sponsors (5 available)

Audio Visual Company

Live Feed/DVD Producer/Supplier

Self Defense Expert

Natural Vitamin/Supplement expert

Long Term Food Supply supplier

Heirloom Seeds and Garden Growing

Prepper Skills Experts

Christian/Liberty Jewelry Company

Christian/Liberty Clothing Company

Christian Gifts Company

Bibles/Book Publisher

Healthy Snack Company

401 K, IRA or Investment/Financial Planning Expert

Gold and Silver Dealer/Vault

Silent Pocket tracking and ID Theft Protection

Radiation/EMP Protection Expert

Healthcare Membership Cooperative

Alkaline Water Specialist

Aromatherapy soaps and candles

Prepper Experts

Solar and Salt Water Power

*Preferably someone doing business on-line or in the greater Dallas area.

With the Media category being the exception, we only allow two sponsors per Category to maximize your company’s exposure, sales and networking potential.

Exhibitor Tables are open for set up Thursday 4-6 pm and should be ready one hour prior to conference opening ( Friday 8am) to conference closing each day, and during all breaks. A schedule is forthcoming.

24 Hour RULE:  Sponsors or vendors may produce hospitality or seminar events of their own 24 hours prior( 8 am Thursday) or 24 hours after the  and conclusion(5 pm Monday) of the conference with written notice 30 days prior and expressed permission from Hear the Watchmen.

Filming:  No filming of the conference or attendees is permitted without the expressed written permission  of Hear the Watchmen.

  • Be a $777 “Patron Sponsor”: Sponsor a Veteran, Pastor, Student or person in need (For Admission & Hotel room). Includes 1 additional free admission.

  • All Patron sponsors to be recognized at the Event and receive VIP seating.